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Throughout my technical training in metallurgy and my industrial career, I have always been passionate by metalworking, forging and in general, by hot processing and melting of materials.


Metal and steel in particular, is a material that combines power, lightness and allows shapes to be balanced without the fragility of other materials. I have been carving steel for over twenty years. For a long time, my pieces were brushed, polished or patinated in order to bring out the raw aspect of the metal.

Metal enameller

Following meetings with art enamelists at the Maison de l'Email in Morez, I discovered this fascinating material that is enamel. For a few years now, I have been integrating colored enamel onto the surface of my sculptures. I use this vitreous material which allows by its glossness to highlight the curves of the metal and by its transparency to add depth to the surfaces.

Enamel maker

I use enamels specific to steel sheets and suitable for vertical firing. To add more transparency I apply on the last layer of the more brilliant jewelers enamels that I make myself, from the raw materials (silica, fluxes and metallic oxides for the color), all melted at 1200-1300 ° C .


The sources of inspiration for my artistic work are multiple but always combining volume, gloss and balance.

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